House Cleaning Walkingstown - Deep & Light Cleaning Services
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House Cleaning Walkinstown

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Walkinstown

House Cleaning Walkinstown


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Our minimum order for domestic cleaning services start from only 120 euro. You can book carpet cleaning services, window cleaning services or sofa cleaning services from only 50 euro. Eco cleaning products!


All-Round Cleaning Services

Are the surfaces in your home covered by dirt and stains? Are you finding it difficult to relax because of the odours that are chocking up the interior space? Are the oven, stove and other cooking units in the kitchen not functioning well because of the gunk that is coating their component parts? Are your family members constantly coughing, sneezing and scratching themselves because of the increased concentration of allergens in your home? Do you dread hosting guests because of how the state of affairs in your residence will reflect on your personality? Are the levels of soiling so high that you feel guilty and find yourself questioning how you could have let things get so far out of hand? Don`t fret- our house cleaning services are here for you.

Apartment Cleaning
We use quality products and systems that leave behind superior results. They eliminate everything from the gunk adhering to the fibres of your carpet, the soap scum that has built up on the shower surfaces, those rings of lime and urine scale in the toilet bowl, food and drink spills on the floor and countertops, the sweat and body oils absorbed by the furniture, all through to the oil splatters on the kitchen walls, The odours too are neutralised, enabling you to see, feel and smell the difference in your newly cleaned apartment. The drying time for the different areas is also reduced, restoring normalcy to your establishment fast.

House Cleaning
The numerous homes with their different features are attended to by our house cleaning team. From those with Georgian era architecture having symmetrical and centre entry facades, plus the centre-passage floor plan that’s two rooms deep, Greek Revival designs that usually have tall columns, log cabins that serve as summer cottages or hunting cabins, to the Mediterranean style that’s designed to reflect the landscaping and emphasise on decorations, Mid-Century Modern designs drawing from mid-20th century developments in architecture and urban development, contemporary homes and the large manors- our crew will take care of your house cleaning needs.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
You want a thorough cleaning that will enable you to secure your check-in deposit at the expiry of your lease. Switches, shades, and other light fittings, skirting boards, tables, wardrobes, cupboards and shelves, glass doors, frames, and sills, the carpet and floor itself, soap dispenser, sink and wall tiles, the oven and other appliances in the kitchen like the fridge and dishwasher, the water closets, bidets and shower cubicles, the towel and radiator rail, extractor fans and even the accessible pipes and plumbing – they all need to be attended to. Dial up our end of tenancy cleaning crew and they will take care of your needs, and deliver quality results.

Once Off Cleaning
With us, you get safety and expertise. Every individual that’s on the cleaning team has been taken through thorough screening, and has been trained in the various aspects of the services. This ensures that they deliver quality results every time, including the once off cleaning when your house is being given a top-to-bottom wash


House Cleaning Walkinstown

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