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Once Off Cleaning – Hire Rombis Cleaning Ltd

Apartment Cleaning Dublin - Rombis Cleaning LTD

Once Off Cleaning – Hire Rombis Cleaning Ltd

Apartment Cleaning Dublin – Rombis Cleaning LTD

There comes a time when you want a top-to-bottom deep clean for your premises. It may be spring cleaning, where you want to get rid of the winter blues and give your house a fresh start before the busy spring and summer seasons. There are those rarely attended to surfaces that have been accumulating dirt and grime over months and need to be given a thorough wash. Perhaps you`re moving out of the apartment or office space, and you need to have the place spick and span according to your end of lease agreement with your landlord. Without the requisite skills and gear, taking on project in its entirety will cost you loads of time, energy and supplies. Whichever the case, when you want to have a deep cleaning of the entire establishment- be it residential or commercial, calling in the professionals will enable you to ensure that it`s carried out to quality standards. That’s right up the alley of our once off cleaning team. Our services include:

Kitchen cleaning – Once Off Cleaning – Hire Rombis Cleaning Ltd
Being one of the busiest rooms in the house, it consequently accumulates loads of grime over time. Take the bottom of the sink for instance. All the content that passes through it, from the contaminants washed off the dishes, to those who rinse raw meat in it resulting in a slimy film that is swarming with bacteria which hide in those grooves around the sink. The wet and moist conditions allow microbes like E. coli to grow and thrive, and they feed on the food particles that are washed down the drain, plus the organic content that remains on the dishes left on the sink. Crossing over to the bottom shelf of your refrigerator, it also builds up grime especially due to the condensation that drips down from the shelves above it. The air vents, switch plates, door knobs, goo from the blender or hand mixer that got sloshed onto the walls- they need to be cleaned off. Dust on the ceiling fans and light fixtures, draperies, curtains, and blinds- they are all included in the once-off cleaning, to ensure that the kitchen is sparking.

The machines responsible the cooking also build up grime, which affects their operations. The oven, for example, is infamous for the caked on grease residue within its interior surfaces. This comes in the way of the heating systems, and even causes smoking which affects the quality of the food, and brings about the risk of fires. The knobs, burners, burner covers, and spill catchers of the stove also get splatters and food residue which gets burned onto the surface, requiring intense cleaning to get rid of it. Fossilized spills in the microwave that may even be creating smells, grime on the blender, toaster and other frequently used appliances- removing it is key to ensure to optimized performance and prevent damage. The busier the kitchen, the more grime that accumulates on its surfaces. Food service joints, from restaurants and hotels, to catering and fast-food establishments, there`s plenty of soiling that needs to be got rid of. It`s not just the greasy gunk that is in the ovens and stove tops, or dust piling up the tops of cabinets and refrigerators, and gunk hidden in the nooks and crannies. Items like the menus, salt and pepper holders, the ketchup and mustard bottles- these are a bacteria paradise. Take the menu for instance. Every customer looks at it. They are some of the filthiest surfaces in the restaurant, clocking over a dozen times more bacteria than the pepper shakers. A thorough job can be ensured by calling in the once-off cleaning specialists.

Did you know that the typical kitchen counter can get dirtier than a toilet seat? Handling all those raw vegetables, meat and poultry products leaves strains of bacteria strewn all over. There are also the pathogens that are brought over by your furry friend. As you cat or puppies walk on the kitchen counters, they transfer microbes from their litter boxes, which can end up contaminating the food products that are prepared on it. The average cutting board in a home can have 200 times more faecal bacteria than the toilet seat. Just rinsing the board will still leave behind salmonella and campylobacter. Those overlooked areas such as the refrigerator door and the microwave start button are germ havens. For instance, the refrigerator has over 2.5 million CFUs, (Colony-Forming Units), over 55,000 times more than the remote controller. The CFU is a measurement that is used to estimate how many viable (living) microbial cells there are in a sample. While a child’s hand can have an average of 1200 CFU, the dishwasher handle will clock in over 1.6 million. The oven handle itself has over 4550 times more bacteria per square inch compared to the toilet seat. As such, a thorough disinfecting of the various surfaces is part and parcel of the once-off cleaning services.

Window cleaning – Once Off Cleaning – Hire Rombis Cleaning Ltd
The windows, constantly to the exposed to the elements, gradually build up grime. Whether it`s for a house in the countryside, apartment in the suburbs, or office building at the heart of the busy city, the windows are prone to accumulate soiling. The busier the area, the faster the dirt accumulates. Buildings close to streets with high traffic, plus those near industrial plants get soiled faster. Everything from the dust floating around, to the gusts of wind carrying pollutants onto the window, and the rain itself, factors in. Exhaust from vehicles, tobacco smoke for those smoking cigarettes on the premises, sand and sea spray for those beach front residences- they land on the glass. These make the window look dull and forlorn. When it rains, the situation worsens. One would think that the rainwater would actually wash the windows and get them clean. While this is the ideal case, the reality on the ground is very much different. The water droplets rolling down the window disturb the dust layers that have formed, creating unsightly paths on the glass. This makes the window appear dirtier. Then there’s the issue of acid rain. The nitrogen and sulphur oxides and other compounds released from industries, plus the carbon emissions form vehicles, are absorbed by the water molecules, and come in the rain onto the window. These compounds are left behind as the water dries of, forming deposits. A similar case is witnessed when hard water is used like during the DIY window cleaning. Water from the mains supply comes with minerals like calcium and phosphates, which are left behind as sediments as the water dries. This is part of the reason why DIY window usually yields unsatisfactory results. Hosting an outdoor grill in the backyard of your home? Oil splatters can get onto the windows. The same is witnessed on the kitchen windows during the cooking activities. The grease residue on the windows is a dirt magnet, trapping more of the dust particles and causing the window to get soiled faster. The once off cleaning services includes a thorough wash of the windows, to get rid of these substances and bring back the sparkle to the windows, be they in residential establishments, or ground and high-rise office blocks.

For households with pets and kids, as they put their paws and hands against the windows, they leave behind prints. This is because they transfer substances like body oil and sweat onto the windows, which is also a dirt magnet. There is also the cases where they press their faces up against the windows, like in the excitement of looking out to see who is that walking up the driveway. Issues like saliva and mucous ending up on the glass adds to the dirt and grime. Insects and birds also tend to leave behind body waste on the windows, which makes them more unsightly. What’s more, the organic matter is acidic, hence can etch the glass. Do you have stickers and posters that were on the windows that have been brought down? These result in glue and sticky residue being left behind. Sometimes its bits and pieces of the paper itself that was used for the posters that thwarts your efforts to remove, and it requires specialized cleaning agents. This is also taken are of during the once off cleaning. Do you have some graffiti on your windows? Perhaps you`re in a neighbourhood with hooligans running amok and they decide to spray paint the windows of your business premises. This ruins its appeal, and it`s an unprofessional look for your business. Certainly, you want to get rid of it. In fact, when left unattended to, the “artists” will take it as permission to draw more graffiti on the rest of the windows and walls. Don`t fret. Our once off cleaning team will come with the needed supplies to get rid of the graffiti that has been drawn on your windows.

Expert carpet cleaning – Once Off Cleaning – Hire Rombis Cleaning Ltd
The carpet carried loads of dirt. This is due to is absorbent nature. For starters, it’s basically an air filter, as its fibres trap dust particles floating around. They also scrape off the soiling that is under peoples shoes. Add to this the occasional food and drink spills, pet fur and dander, and even pollutants like cigarette smoke particles. In fact, by the time its colour is changing, it can already contain multiple times its weight in grime. It’s an ecosystem in its own. For instance, the people walking around on the premises shed skin flakes. This, in addition to the fur and dander that your fury find deposits as it rubs against the carpet or rolls around on it, is food for dust mites. Availability of nourishment, plus the warmth in the lush fibres of the carpet, enables the dust mites to multiply rapidly. The average adult will shed 1.5g of skin flakes daily, and this is enough to feed over one million dust mites. As they gorge themselves, they produce faecal waste, that contains protein elements which trigger allergic reactions. This causes symptoms like sneezing, coughing, a runny nose, and asthma attacks when inhaled, and on the skin they cause rashes and worsen conditions like eczema. That’s not the only threat posed by the dirty carpet. Those food crumbs that wind up in the fibres are a magnet for insects and rodents. Take cockroaches for instance. They will feed on anything, from the food particles, to glue and strands of fallen hair. They transfer pathogens onto the carpet, the likes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which causes urinary tract infections, digestive problems and sepsis, to Salmonella. When you have mice coming over to look for bread crumbs that have latched themselves onto the carpet’s fibres, you’ll have more to worry about. Within the saliva, urine and droppings of the mice, there are pathogens that transmit diseases ranging from Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), Lassa Fever, all through to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Note that the carpet too is at risk from the sharp claw and teeth of the rodents. They will chew through the material, destroying the structure of your installation. The thorough wash delivered during the once off cleaning gets rid of the source of the problem- the organic matter that is attracting these pests to your carpet.

Visual appeal also factors in. First, the dirty carpet looks dull and forlorn, dragging down the ambience of the result of the premises. It makes the place appear unkempt. Then there are the spills, that create unsightly stains that clash with the colouration of the carpet. These can be as a result of anything from tea spilling at the breakfast table during the morning rush, wine or juice accidents during a party that was held in your premises, all through to the ink blots on office carpets, blood and vomit stains, and urine accidents caused by pets. These form blemishes that take away the appeal of the carpet. Moreover, as the organic matter decomposes, it generates odours. These permeate through the rest of the interior space, making the living and working conditions uncomfortable. That`s not the environment you want for your family members at home or the employees and customers in your commercial establishment. Calling in the professionals to give your carpet a thorough clean will restore it to its beauty and elegance, while simultaneously accentuating the décor you had worked so hard to set up.

Bathroom cleaning – Once Off Cleaning – Hire Rombis Cleaning Ltd
Do you remember the original colour of your tiles? Are you barely able to see your reflection on the dingy mirror? Is there gunk clogging up the shower head causing it to spray unevenly, or limescale in the sink? The bathroom handles loads of body waste over time. This ranges from hair, sweat and body oils as you shower, which gets to the floor and washed down the drain. There are also the smudges and finger print marks that end upon the mirrors and medicine cabinet doors, setting a dull look. An intense once off cleaning will get your bathroom back in shape. The ceiling and corners are washed down, and the vents leading to the bathroom taken care of. Those light fixtures that are usually forgotten over the months are also given an effective clean. When was the last time you attended to the medicine cabinets? What is the state of the linen cabinets in your bathroom? These too are cleaned up, both on the outside and inside. The sink and its faucets, which handle plenty of waste be it from brushing of teeth, shaving of beards, to simply washing of hands, are also washed. Any limescale deposits that have built up on it are dissolved, restoring the elegance to the surface. Even that mirror gets back its sparkle, allowing you to have a clear reflection. The tiles and grout are scrubbed, from the walls to the floors, taking away that dull and dilapidated look, replacing it with a clear and elegant result that enables you feel proud of your newly cleaned bathroom.

Disinfecting during the bathroom cleaning is also vital, seeing that the bathroom surfaces may be crawling will all kinds of bacteria. You may be taking a nice, hot bath in the tub, only to realise that you are sharing it with pathogens like E. coli, streptococcus and staph. The soapy films lining the walls and shower curtains enable microbes like Serratia marcescens to thrive. In fact, the tub can be covered in over 1000 bacteria per square inch. Add to this the mould and mildew that grows as a result of the increased humidity levels in the bathroom, be it on the shower walls or under the tub mat. Even the shower head can contain copious amounts of Mycobacterium avium, which is linked to pulmonary diseases, and whose cases coincide with persons taking more showers than baths. This means that that time spent under the relaxing sprays of the shower could be exposing you to more infection. A thorough once-off cleaning will enable you to get rid of the colonies of pathogens that are calling your bathroom their home, enabling you to enjoy those showers with peace of mind. The porcelain throne is not left behind. All parts, from the toilet seat and bowl, to the flush and tank itself are cleaned.

Pre- and post-occupation cleaning of buildings and premises:
Are you a relator or property manager? Are you selling or leasing out residential, retail or office space? Image is everything. You want to potential buyers and tenants to be attracted to the space, which is vital if you want to get occupancy. This means that it has to be given a thorough top to bottom wash after an occupant moves out, and before the next one moves in. For the former, it is to get rid of any residue that may have been left behind, and the latter makes the moving in process easier, and as you sign the lease agreement you get to set the tone of high standards that should be maintained all through the lease. Our once off cleaning team has got you covered. From washing all the painted walls, cleaning the internal and external windows, deep cleaning the kitchen which also includes inside the cupboards, cleaning the oven and hood, the fridge and freezer, sealing the bathroom, all through to cleaning the carpet- they do it all to ensure that the premises gets restored to its elegant state. Speaking of the lease agreement, as a tenant, before you get your deposit back, the premises needs to be in mint condition. Chances are that you’ll be too busy and have your hands full with the particulars of the move, to fuss on giving the premises a deep clean. From handling the packing, arranging your items, liaising with a moving company to transport your items, switching utilities, dealing your insurance company, from life, medical, auto and even pet insurance for logistics that will be affected as you move to your new location, scouting for new doctors, dentists and opticians in case you`re changing the locality and will be required to deregister from the current ones- the cleaning will just take a toll on you. Hiring once off cleaning services will enable you to strike it off your list and proceed with your other obligations with the peace of mind that the residential, retail or office space will be ready for inspection by the landlord, enabling you to get back your security deposit.

Post-construction cleaning – Once Off Cleaning – Hire Rombis Cleaning Ltd
Have there been recent construction works in your home or business premises? It may have been floor repairs, new cabinets were being put up, or there was repainting to give the interior space a fresh new look and feel. Perhaps it`s a new building that have just been constructed and you want to make it ready for occupation. After the builders, carpenters, painters, plumbers etc. are done, there will be a mess left behind. You don`t want to live or work surrounded by cement splashes, plaster residue, paint spills, chalk dust and mortar particles. Wood shavings and saw dust from carpentry works coating the surfaces and getting stuck in the carpets and rugs are a health and fire hazard. All this can be fixed by once off cleaning services, where state of the art equipment is used to get rid of the post-construction debris that has piled up on the various sections of the premises. That way you will be able to get things back on track. From individual properties, bungalows and mansions, to large housing developments including apartment blocks and student hostels, refurbished hotels, spas, leisure centres, and other hospitality venues, shopping centres like malls and retail stores, business and industrial parks- our team has got you covered for your post construction cleaning needs.

Outdoor chores – Once Off Cleaning – Hire Rombis Cleaning Ltd
There are those areas in the outdoors that are cleaned seasonally, which are still vital in enhancing the aesthetics of the home, and making things run smoothly. Take for instance the patio furniture. From the sets that are out on the open, exposed to the elements, to the furniture that’s been covered on the screened porch, they occasionally need a thorough clean. Whether your outdoor patio furniture is wicker, aluminium, wood, or teak, our professional once off cleaning services will ensure that it’s brought back to its elegant state in moments. The dust, pollen, dirt, insect gunk and cobwebs covering your decking or patio also gets to the outdoor grill. Then there is the actual residue from the grilling activities, that gets to the grates, racks, heat deflectors, burners all through to the bottom of the cooking compartment. As part of the once off cleaning process, the grill is disassembled so that each part can be cleaned separately and dried before the reassembly. This enables you to maintain a high cooking performance with your grill.

Furniture and upholstery cleaning – Once Off Cleaning – Hire Rombis Cleaning Ltd
No one likes dingy furniture. Those messes, stains and odours make even the most favourite sofa uncomfortable. The absorbent nature of the material makes it soak up spills, quickly causing stains. For instance, the fabric sofas made of materials like wool, cotton and linen are hydrophilic. This basically means that they have a high affinity for substances that contain moisture- from the drink spills to the sweat rubbed off the skin of the persons using the seat. Others like the synthetic polyamide and polyester are oleophilic. This means that they have a high affinity for oil and grease- which include the fatty acids that are in a person sweat. As such, they get soiled at a faster rate. The organic matter, from the skin cells, food crumbs, all through to the faecal residue from the insects feeding on them, is broken down by bacteria, producing odours. How will you be able to sit back and relax when there are stenches pervading your nostrils? What of those cases where you have guests over, and when you invited them to have a seat the stains end up getting transferred to their clothes? The furniture and upholstery can also contain allergens, ranging from the dust mite waste to substances like pollen that get absorbed by the material. In order to restore the beauty to your sets, our once off cleaning team will also give the furniture a thorough wash, from the classic cabriole sofas, the sectional sofas that are common in living rooms, daybed sofas that act as couches during the day, but at night are used as beds, the Settee love seats, the tufted-back sofa with its Mid-century appeal, and even in commercial establishments such as the Lawson sofas used in media rooms, the buttoned Chesterfield which are popular in in libraries, to the contemporary or contoured chaise sofas that are set up in consultancy and psychiatrist offices. Our personnel have the skills and experience needed to handle the different types of furnishings including once off cleaning leather and fabric sofas. From linen, wool and corduroy, to velvet, and even chenille, the fabric sofas are worked on with solutions that are tough on the dirt and grime but gentle on the material, getting rid of the stubborn stains without posing risks like colour bleeding. Even maintenance measures are carried out. For instance, with leather sofas, they are conditioned after the cleaning. This is to restore the lost oils, bring back that supple feel and prevent them from drying up and cracking.

Call In The Expert Once Off Cleaning Team

Our team comes on site with state of the art cleaning gear, designed to deliver a thorough wash in moments, on the different areas of your establishment. From hot water extraction machines that pump solutions of heated water and cleaning agents deep into the carpets and vacuum out the content, thus getting rid of the dirt that is ingrained in the fibres, dry and wet cleaning of the upholstery, draperies and curtains, to pure water cleaning systems for the windows where they are left without any streaks and spots, and power washers for working on the exterior walls and roofing, high-efficacy scrubbing gear and tough acting cleaning agents that dissolve the stubborn stains, they have the tools that will tackle the various dirt problems, restoring the elegance to the surfaces and appliances in your establishment. The cleaning solutions used depend on the particular surface being attended to and the level of soiling. From the granite countertops to the tiled walls and wood floors, our team applies the agents that will get rid of the grime without putting your investment at risk. Their experience, coupled with the highly effective nature of the machinery used, cuts down the time needed to carry out the task, without compromising on the quality of the results. Our personnel will be punctual, arriving at your establishment at the stipulated time. They are also friendly, and will answer any queries you have about the processes being carried out, ensuring that you are well versed each step of the way.

In addition, our services are licensed and insured. The coverage caters for your property, our personnel and the equipment they use. This is further testament of the standards of professionalism with which we carry out our activities. That way you can rest assured that your property will receive the care it deserves. All this is provided for at affordable prices. Our cost structure takes into account the particular needs of your establishment. Issues like the windows that you want cleaned, number of rooms and the carpeting involved, in case you want appliances like ovens also attended to, all through to the exterior surfaces such as the patio furniture.


Once Off Cleaning

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