Apartment Cleaning Dublin - Rombis Cleaning LTD
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Apartment Cleaning Dublin – Rombis Cleaning LTD

Rombis Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning Dublin – Rombis Cleaning LTD

Get Your Apartment Cleaned Professionally

Your apartment is your home. Your place of relaxation. Where you spend time with your loved ones, bonding over living room talks and family dinners. You should be able to come home to a soothing and comfortable ambience, to take your mind off the hustle and bustle of daily work life. Dirt and grime come in the way of that. Piling on your countertops, in your furniture, on the walls and floors, odours emanating from the bathrooms, soiled kitchens, stained surfaces, dull windows and dingy carpets- they take away the appeal of the interior space. In fact, they make it appear chaotic. That’s not a scene you want to live in. It takes away your mental peace, and you can barely be able to focus on anything else. After all, how will you host guests, help your kids with their homework, prepare sumptuous meals in the kitchen, or enjoy those late-night talks with your significant other when you`re surrounded by gunk and stains? It`s a constant reminder of works that needs to be done. Even getting a decent nights sleep becomes difficult, as your mind has registered that you have pending chores waiting for you. This lowers your quality of life. Then there’s your reputation. What sight greets guests coming over to your apartment? Will they be able to comfortably take a seat when the cushions are covered in pet fur and dander, or feel at home when there are musky smells coming up from the carpet? It`s worse with the bathroom. A dirty toilet and bathroom will smell- there’s no escaping that fact. It’s also embarrassing when your visitors head to the washrooms and find that they are dirty, which reflects poorly on your personality. From the living rooms to the hallways and bedrooms, all regions of the home need a regular and thorough wash, to keep them at their optimal. That’s where our apartment cleaning team comes in.

Cleaning your kitchen
With all the food preparation activities that go in it, it comes as no surprise that the various kitchen surfaces clock higher bacterial counts than other areas in the apartment. Let`s look at the statistics, using Colony Forming Units (CFU). It’s a measure used to estimate the number of viable bacteria cells in a sample. By viable, it means that they have the ability to multiply under the set conditions. Countertops have an average CFU of about 5,500,000. For comparison, that is 18 times more bacteria compared to the pet bowl, which has an average CFU of 306,000. Frequently touched surfaces that are usually overlooked, such as handles, are also germ havens. For instance the refrigerator handle has an average 2.5 million CFU, which is over 55200 times more than the remote controller out in the living room. Going to the oven handle, it has an average 782,548 CFU, which is over 4500 times more than that of a toilet sit. Even the microwave start button itself hosts loads of bacteria, having a CFU of 384,005, which is 16696 times more than the keyboard whose average CFU comes in at 23. Hence, as part of the apartment cleaning program, the kitchen surfaces need to be thoroughly sanitized, especially as it`s a food preparation zone and hence infections could spread easily through contaminated meals. Just which bacteria are these that are crawling around in your kitchen? There are the gram-negative rods that are a common cause of food poisoning, bloodstream infections, meningitis, pneumonia; germ-positive rods responsible for skin infections and staph, those that cause strep throat infections; all through to bacilli that are associated with infections to the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal region.

Then there is the grease residue. This can be the aerosolised oil spatters during cooking that wind up on the walls cabinets and floors, to the baked on particles on the stove tops and within the oven’s interior. When it`s in the appliances, it affects the operations. For instance, grease causes inefficient heat distribution within the oven, hence the meals don`t get cooked properly, affecting their quality and increasing your energy bills. As you make your hot pies, lasagne rolls, beef and ale filling, shepherd’s pie and comfort meatballs, or even vegetarian moussaka and sweetcorn chicken potato pies, the soiled oven comes in the way of a sumptuous result. The smouldering gunk will ruin the flavour of the dishes, giving them a smoky taste. Even the window of the oven itself can be covered in burnt-on food, which prevents you from observing the meals as you prepare them. Getting rid of this gunk is part of the apartment cleaning services, enabling you to ensure that it is in optimal condition There’s also the dust that as built up everywhere from the corners of walls all up to the ceiling, the fans and lighting fixtures, on the curtains, draperies and blinds, plus the gunk in the nooks and crannies of the kitchen. All these are attended to ensure that the food gets prepared in a clean and healthy environment. The stove’s knobs, burners and burner covers, plus spill catchers all receive a thorough wash. Even the toaster, blender and other small appliances are not left behind. The sink and garbage disposal, which take the crown for the largest germ concentration per square inch, to the floor which is a victim of frequent food and drink spills, are given specialised attention by our apartment cleaning team.

Bringing the sparkle to your bathroom
It`s where you go to get clean and freshen up, but that doesn`t make it immune to dirt and grime. When the shower is not regularly cleaned, then mould and mildew and start growing everywhere, from the tub to the shower curtains. The microscopic spores naturally float around in the air and some settle on these surfaces, whose moist conditions enable them to grow and thrive. You could also be showering with a plethora of germs. They could be lining the walls of the shower and tub, and can easily get onto your body when you touch these surfaces. The risks increase when you have cuts. With the tub clocking an average of 1000 bacteria per square inch, you don`t want these microbes getting into your wounds and worsening the infection. What of the shower head? A common pathogen in the shower heads is the Mycobacterium Avium. As you enjoy the water hitting your face as you turn on the sower, you could be inhaling millions of these microbes, sending them straight into your lungs. They are linked to pulmonary disease, and you don`t want to expose your family members to infection. The shower head is also worked on during the apartment cleaning. You also want to be able to enjoy a nice, hot bath in the tub, not to worry about rolling around with E. coli, streptococcus and staph crawling on its surface. The disinfecting measures that are carried out ensure that you won’t have to worry about this.

In addition to this is the soap scum. When it`s on the walls and floors of your bathroom, it`s so unsightly that it makes you cringe at the thought of taking a shower in that environment. The films forming on the walls, and shower curtain are more than just disgusting. They can breed bacteria such as Serratia marcescens, worsening the sanitation standards of the bathroom. Our team gives the shower and tub, walls and floors a thorough scrub, including the shower curtain and curtain liner, the shower doors, tile grout, all through to the insides and outside of the medicine and linen cabinets. The sinks and their fixtures, plus the mirrors too, are not left behind. Areas like underneath the tub mat are common sites for mould growth. The moist and dark places encourage strains like the Stachybotrys chartarum to grow. A thorough cleaning and maintenance will enable you to keep your bathroom mould free.

An after-builders clean
This is for those cases where there have been recent construction works in the apartment. Before you can sit back and relax, all the dirt and debris that had been generated during the renovation projects needs to be first got rid of. This ranges from the wood shavings and saw dust from carpentry works, cement splashes, chalk dust and mortar particles, all through to paint sloshed onto the surfaces. During construction activities, dust also sneaks its way into almost every nook and cranny in the house. The particles get embedded in the upholstered furniture, the draperies and in the carpets material. Hard surfaces, from the walls to the floors, get coated in layers of the dust, and so do the mouldings and cabinets. The interior of the shelves, those hard-to-reach corners, countertops- they all get affected. The light dust particles make their way into the air vents, and get transferred to the rest of the rooms. The vents and the filters will also need to be cleaned. Ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, electronics, lamp shades, all through to the decorative items and appliances in the residence- the apartment cleaning crew will get them washed down, erasing the evidence of the recent construction and renovation projects, enabling you to enjoy the spruced up interior.

Bringing the sparkle to your windows
Your apartment windows are not immune to dirt and grime. Be they fixed windows that provide dramatic views of the outdoors, single hung or double hung windows where one or both sashes are operable respectively, casement with their contemporary style or sliding windows that have a horizontal motion, awning windows that are operated like casement windows but are hinged at the top, to the storm windows that are designed to hold out under extreme weather conditions- they all need to be cleaned. The windows accumulate dirt from different sources. First, there are the everyday environmental sources. These are the likes of dust particles settling and forming layers on the window, pollutants like cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes from vehicles speeding by on the busy road, all through to natural elements like pollen and fungal spores. It`s not just on the outside surface. Sometimes there are dust particles drawn into the buildings heating and air conditioning system, thus ending up in the interior space and eventually on the windows. Steam and grease also have an effect on the windows. This ranges from the oil splatters that wind up on the kitchen windows, to the aerosolised particles from the backyard barbeque that get spread onto the nearby windows. They build up over time. What`s more the grease is a dirt magnet, hence when there are spots all over the window the rate of soiling increases. Then there’s the protective screen that is installed over the windows. Its purpose is to prevent dirt, debris, and even pests from getting to the glass and damaging it. This is all fine and beneficial- up until when it rains. The water droplets passing through the screen pick up the soiling and slam it against the window, increasing the level of soiling. As such, the screens are also worked on during the window cleaning. Kids are adorable no doubt. However, as they innocently play around and grab the marker pens, they can go drawing all over the windows. This “art” may warm the heart, but it ruins the curb appeal of the apartment, and will need to be cleaned off. There are also the issues of mucous, saliva, nose and hand prints when they press her faces and palms against the window. The same case applies for pets, like that furry dog that excitedly hops up and down the premises, and rushes to the window pressing its nose against as it observes the outside world.

Birds and insects have built up a notoriety when it comes to soiling windows. As the insects crawl up the glass, and the birds perch on the window sills mid-flight to take a rest, they and leave behind faecal residue. This, added to the soiling that accumulates on the seals and frames, affects the normal operation of the windows. More effort ends up being used for the opening and closing, which puts the window at risk of breakages. It`s also a safety issue. In case there is a fire in the apartment, you don`t want to be unable to escape through the window simply because it will not open. It`s unsightly, and even puts the structure of the glass at risk due to the acidic nature of the organic waste. Our apartment cleaning personnel have the skills needed to work on the diverse types of windows. The different installation setups, from the casement and picture windows, bow and bay windows, jalousie windows, to the glass blocks and specialty designs; those with metal frames or wood- they will give your apartment windows the appropriate care that they deserve. From the transparent glass designs to those that have different shades, like beige, white and cocoa brown, they apply the appropriate solutions to get the windows clean without affecting their aesthetic appeal.

Carpet care
Carpets are essentially wall-to-wall germ farms. How? Throughout their life on your floor, they pick up everything that falls onto them. The gunk that is tracked into the building under people’s shoes, food and drink spills, pet fur and dander, crumbs from those snacks that persons on the premises were enjoying, body waste from the insects that come to feed on them, plus microbes like dust mites and the faecal residue that they leave behind. The organic matter, plus the warmth and moisture, enables the germs to thrive. There can be over 200,000 thousand bacteria on every square inch of your carpet, which is more than 4000 times higher than a toilet seat. As your kids and pets spend their time playing and rolling around on the carpet, they expose themselves to these pathogens putting their health at risk. Even that cookie that drops onto the carpet and you hurriedly pick it up to continue eating it can bring you a myriad of problems. Pathogens range from Micrococcus that is especially harmful to persons with compromised immune systems and causes effects ranging from skin infections or septic shock to meningitis, superbugs such as the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus that could have been tracked onto the carpet from gyms and school locker rooms, Enterococci that can cause bacterial endocarditis, diverticulitis or urinary tract infections, all through to viruses ranging from the flu to the Norovirus. The conditions in the lush fibres enable these microbes to thrive, while still retaining their potency. For instance, the Norovirus can live out on your carpet for nearly a month. The insects coming out under the cover of darkness to scout for free meals will also leave behind pathogens. For instance, cockroaches ferry anything from the common Salmonella, all through to the bacteria Poliomyelitis. They can also bring parasitic worms such as the hookworm, roundworm and tapeworm. All that your kids and pets have to do is to get into contact with the sections of the carpet which have been contaminated by the vomit, saliva or faecal residue of the cockroaches, then proceed to touch their nose or mouth, to get infected. Rodents like mice are attracted to the food particles and are a direct threat to the carpet itself. As they try to pry out the material from the fibres, they will use their sharp teeth and claws, gradually tearing up the carpet.

There are also allergens to factor in. These range from the pollen grains that are trapped by the fibres of the carpet and get airborne once people walk on it and disturb the material, to the dust mite faecal pellets. Speaking of dust mites, there are hordes of them in the carpet. Just a gram of dust can contain over 1000 mites, which in turn produce 250,000 faecal pellets- and that gram of dust can fit in half a tea spoon. Just picture what’s going on in the rest of the carpet. The mites are sustained by skin flakes, and pet dander. They also multiply rapidly, with each egg-laying mite producing 25 to 30 offspring a week. The allergens cause skin and respiratory reactions, from rashes and eczema to triggering asthma attacks and worsening conditions such as bronchitis. For instance, the dust mite allergens are the leading cause of perennial allergic rhinitis. Add to this pollutants such as cigarette smoke particles that are absorbed by the carpet, odours from the decaying organic matter that foul up the place, a thorough wash is needed to protect the persons on the premises, and enhance the ambience. That is provided as part of the apartment cleaning services.

Leather and fabric sofa cleaning
You also want your furniture sets to be elegant. After all, you spend plenty of time on it, from relaxing after those busy days at work, spending time with your significant other, hanging out with your kids, and entertaining guests who call on you for a visit. As a result of the heavy usage, sofas build up grime, ranging from bread crumbs and tea spills, shed skin and sweat that gets rubbed onto the material from the skin of the persons using it, body oils, lotions and other cosmetic products, all through to dyes from clothes. The state of the sofa gradually deteriorates, losing its appeal over time. This is in addition to the dust from the air settling on the seat and its cushions, faecal residue from the insects and dust mites crawling over it, plus the loads of pathogens calling the warm sofa their home. The decaying organic matter also increases the odours permeating through the apartment. The absorbent nature of the material also causes the rate of soiling to increase. For instance, the hydrophilic cotton, wool and rayon sofas rapidly absorb anything that contains moisture, such as sweat, while the oleophilic polyamide and polyester are magnets for oil and grease. You want to get rid of all these substances that are building up within your sofa, and our apartment cleaning services have got you covered.

When dealing with sofas, you don`t want issues like colour bleeding, or the material getting corroded as a result of harsh chemicals being used for the process. This is usually witnessed in DIY cleaning operations, where the wrong solutions are used. With our professional crew, you can rest assured that your furniture is in safe hands. They use the appropriate products for the particular type of material, be it linen, wool, corduroy, and chenille fabric sofas, bringing back the elegance to their subtle pastel floral to bright geometric patterns. Even the luxurious leather sofas receive specialised care. Leather itself is like skin, and is particularly sensitive to pH variations. A common rookie mistake during DIY cleaning processes is using bleach and ammonia based cleaners on the leather, which ends up corroding the material. Shortcuts like during hair dryers to speed up the drying also end up causing scratching. There are those who, in an attempt to scrub out the stains, cause wrinkling and sagging of the leather. All this puts the structural integrity of your investment at risk. When you turn to the professionals, you won’t have to worry about such scenarios playing out. Our well trained and experienced crew will get rid of the dirt, stains and odours emanating from the sofa, without putting it at risk. The suitable product for your set, from pigmented and aniline to nubuck and suede is used, and thereafter the leather sofa is also conditioned. This is to prevent it from becoming sticky or clammy in future. The material is moisturised, with the pores of the leather being opened up to enable the moisturiser to be fully absorbed. This has the welcome bonus of increasing the water resistance attributes of the sofa.

End of tenancy cleaning
If you’re in the process of moving out of your apartment, it needs to be ready for inspection so that you can get back your security deposit. This is stipulated in the tenancy agreement that you had signed with your landlord. It’s designed to protect both the tenant and the owner of the property. After all, the realtors don`t want to be forced to clean out mounds of gunk after you leave, that were accumulated during your stay. Issues like grease, dust covered surfaces, dirty ovens, stained carpets and limescale on bathroom surfaces cannot be overlooked. Did you know that over 50% of the lease deposit disagreements revolve around cleaning? You don`t want to find yourself in a pickle especially since you already have your hands full with the particulars of the move. From handling the packing- like separating the items, getting cardboard boxes, taping and also bubble wrapping the delicate pieces- and figuring out the logistics of the actual move, dealing with the changes of address with regards to utility bills, getting your kids into new schools, and even organising a yard sale for those looking to sell the stuff they don`t need and make some extra cash off the process. Adding an arduous chore of dusting, scrubbing, and ensuring the surfaces are polished will complicate things, and may even cause unwarranted delays. Theres also the risk of getting low quality results due to the hurry in which it is done and the lack of quality machinery, which increases the chances of the security deposit being withheld. You don`t need to frustrate yourself. Simply hire apartment cleaning services to get the task done to professional standards.

For the realtors, ensuring that a quality clean is carried out before open houses will make them more successful, enabling you to generate leads and close on deals. As potential tenants and buyers come to check out the property they will visualise their stay. They want a space that blends with their taste, one that they will feel safe and comfortable in. When there are cobwebs on the ceiling corners, stains on the floors and walls, dust and smudges on the mirror, insect residue on the skirting boards on in the closets- it will turn them off. They get a picture that the property is not well taken care off. You don’t want to lose out on lucrative opportunities. Our apartment cleaning team is here for you. What’s more, the cleaning protects your investment. You don`t want to spend a fortune making repairs. For instance, spills that seeped into the countertops and floors will require thorough scrubbing measures to get rid of them. Using the wrong cleaning agents will affecting their structural integrity, causing the affected material to lose its strength. Even overlooked items like food crumbs in the cabinets are a magnet for insects and rodents. When you have mice living in the empty apartment, you run risks like damage ceiling and floor boards, furniture getting gnawed at, and even the electrical wiring, which increases chances of fires. Then there’s the embarrassment that comes when you`re in the middle of showing off the property during an open house, then a family of rodents scurries across the floor. Regular cleaning will ensure that these pests don’t turn the apartment into their home.

Dial Up The Apartment Cleaning Professionals

Our team is fully equipped for the task. We have made heavy investments in the latest cleaning technologies for the different aspects of the process, from dealing with the furniture, carpets, and upholstery, to scrubbing down the countertops, walls and floors of the apartment. Hot water extraction systems, high powered vacuums, power washers for exterior surfaces, pure water systems for the windows and telescopic poles that get to those apartment windows on the upper floors with ease- we have it all. The truck mounted systems ensure that our crew have all that they need for the task, that way you won`t have to worry about your power bills shooting through the roof. The solutions used are safe for the various areas, from the hard surfaces to fibres for the carpets and furniture. They dissolve the stains, emulsify the grease and neutralise the odours, bringing back the elegance to your items and accentuating the interior space. Odour neutralisers tackle the stenches that were making the premises unbearable, and leave behind pleasant scents in their wake. All this is done fast, as a result of the high efficiency of the equipment used, plus the skills and wealth of experience that our personnel comes with, after working in multiple apartments over the years.

The apartment cleaning services are available across the scope, from duplexes, triplexes, garden and railroad apartments, all through to lofts, studio, convertibles and penthouse apartments. The thorough cleaning sets a relaxing décor, and the improved living and working conditions enhance your quality of life. What’s more, you get to make savings from preventing the damage that would have resulted as a result of the grime reducing the structural integrity of the installations, be it the dirt wearing down the carpeting and furniture sets, to the soiling that gets grinded against the floor, the gunk affecting the ovens heating systems, the limescale building up in the shower heads and sinks, or grime clogging up your sink drain. Regular apartment cleaning keeps things running in order. This is carried out without putting a strain on your bank account, since our services are affordable, and priced to suit your unique situation.


Apartment Cleaning Dublin

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