Carpet Cleaning Dublin - Rombis Cleaning LTD
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Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Rombis Cleaning LTD

Rombis Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Rombis Cleaning LTD

Get Experts To Clean Your Carpet

Carpets have retained their popularity as floor coverings in residential and commercial establishment over the years. That warm and cosy feel underfoot can simply not be attained by the hard surface floors alone. As such, they are still highly sought out after for living rooms, dining rooms, basements, bedrooms and the foyer, all through to office buildings, hotels and hospitality venues, consultancy offices, plus art galleries and libraries. The lush fibres, the literal warmth as they prevent heat from escaping from interior space and from the soles of your feet- these make carpets a top choice addition to the interior space. The air spaces reduce sound reverberation, from reducing the noise from the kids running around their bedrooms up stairs, cutting down noise levels at the workplace, to enabling you enjoy the sound quality from the home theatre systems at home. For those in apartment blocks and multi-storey office units, this means that your neighbours on the floor below yours won`t keep coming banging at your door demanding for you to “keep things down”. There are also benefits to the air quality of the interior space too. The numerous fibres of the carpet basically make it an air filter. It traps the dust particles that are floating around, holding them within their structure. Then there is the protection for the floor underneath. The carpet catches anything that falls onto it, keeping the underlying floor safe, be it from spills, gritty soiling, or drops and knocks. It even reduces the wear that would have otherwise been caused by high traffic levels. For all their attributes, the carpets are not invincible. The dirt and grime that they accumulate are a threat to their structure, and regular carpet cleaning is needed to keep them elegant and retain their functionality at optimal levels. Otherwise the condition of the carpet will deteriorate, dragging down the rest of the décor. To prevent things from taking this turn, call in the specialist carpet cleaning company to ensure a thorough job is carried out.

A Carpet For Every Decor Need
There are numerous types of carpets available, both of natural and synthetic fibre types, enabling property owners to have the setup that suits their particular taste. For instance, nylon carpets are popular for their strength and ability to resist soiling, allowing them to retain their shape for years. However, abrasion effects cause static to be generated, which is why anti-static treatments are applied by the carpet cleaning company. Olefin, which was originally used for outdoor applications due to its moisture-resistance attributes, is also now a popular indoor carpet material, is designed with a wool-like texture and is also dyed for aesthetics. Polyester carpets also have enhanced stain and moisture resistance. However, failure to carry out regular carpet cleaning and maintenance will cause it to clump up into piles, affecting its structural integrity. Acrylic carpets also have a wool-like structure, but are more resistant to stains and static. You can always go for the natural wool itself- cosy and elegant, exuding class in whichever establishment it is set up in. The synthetic Triexta carpets have become a favourite in households with kids and pets, due to the strength of the fibres since they are more resistant to tears. Scheduling a carpet cleaning session will enable you to retain this strength and performance. They also come in different colours from beige, blue, grey, white, pink and green, to bold multi-coloured designs that set a stylish interior.

When it comes to the structure, carpeting is grouped into loop pile and cut pile. For the loop pile options, there are the common Berber carpets, where the fibres are woven into series of loops in order to establish a durable structure and enhance the stain resistance. It has flecks that can hide soiling, but the trade-off comes in the cushioning effects of the carpet, which are reduced. The short state of the loops also gives it a dense nature with a smooth tone. There’s also the level loop carpet, where the loops are also short, but it has been taken through careful measurements to ensure that all the loops are of the same length. This is particularly beneficial in high traffic establishments. The symmetrical loops also prevent the carpet from being too rough or complicated, thus setting a clearly organized state. With the multi-level loop carpets, on the other hand, the loops are varied by height, which has aesthetic benefits. You get to have a series of visual effects, and the texture variances can also gradually change with time. On the other side of the spectrum are the cut pile carpets such as the Saxony style, where the fibres have been tightly packed together, and their ends have been cut as evenly as possible. This sets a smooth appearance, giving it a soft and luxurious feel. For the textured carpets, the yarn that is used is twisted, and then cut. This gives the carpet a soft surface, while setting a casual appearance. The twists are made tight in order to increase the stain resistance, reducing the workload during the carpet cleaning. For the frieze carpet, short fibres are used that can curl in multiple directions. This gives it a sturdy look while simultaneously hiding footprints. It sets an informal tone, and is an attractive choice. However, the spills that wind up in it are tougher to remove, requiring high-efficacy carpet cleaning systems. A combination of the cut and loop carpets is the pattern arrangement, where specific areas are looped and others cut in order to establish a decorative pattern- like when the designer wants to add a symmetrical style or floral accents to the carpet.

Costly Rookie and DIY Carpet Cleaning Blunders

Using the wrong cleaning tools and chemicals
The brushes that are used when scrubbing out the countertops walls and floors are not automatically suitable for use on the carpet. With tough bristles, they can end up fraying the fibres. Then there are those who use products that are too acidic or alkaline. While a certain chemical may be effective in dissolving stubborn stains on countertops and other hard surfaces, and emulsifying the grease spots, using it on the delicate fibres of the carpet can result in anything from discolouration to outright corrosion of the material. The different types of carpets each have their suitable cleaning agents, and failing to take this into account during the DIY carpet cleaning is a huge part of the reason behind the damaged materials. In fact, so prevalent are the cases that carpet manufacturers put clauses in the warranty agreement requiring the owners of the carpet to have them cleaned using professional services.

With carpet cleaning, different approaches are used, depending on the material involved, the level of soiling, and the level of cleanliness desired. They range from dry cleaning methods for a quick touch-up, to hot water extraction that gets deep into the material. For the dry carpet cleaning, absorbent compounds are employed. They are mixed with specialised solutions, then applied to the carpet. They are then brushed into the pile manually or using machinery with counter rotating brushes. The compounds absorb the soiling that’s in the carpet, encapsulating it. The contents are allowed to dry, then vacuumed off. A draw back with this approach is that it doesn`t achieve a deep clean, and residue is usually left behind, but the latter depends on the efficiency of the vacuuming. Hot water extraction is the approach preferred by professional carpet cleaning companies, and the manufacturers of the carpets themselves. This is because it has over the years proven to be an effective approach in ensuring that a truly deep clean is obtained. A heavier set of machinery is used, which also requires high skill levels to operate. Just renting a machine from the dealership store doesn`t guarantee that the DIYer will achieve the same level of quality results as the professional. This goes back to the selection of the cleaning agents, and now also includes the pressures, and temperatures that will be applied, in addition the optimization of the equipment itself.

In this case, too much cleaning solutions are used, perhaps because the DIYer is battling tough stains that are refusing to come off, or incorrect measuring of the solutions required led to the carpet being soaked. This brings about different problems. For starters, colour bleeding can occur, ruining the appearance of the carpet. This is because the dyes used will leach out. The carpet can also shrink or the separate from its backing, causing structural damage. Overwetting also puts the padding at risk. The padding is that soft and flexible material that goes in between the subfloor and the carpet’s base, where the fibres are attached. It creates a soft surface helps in insulating the area from cold, and is used underneath the carpet pile, covering up the floor.

A common effect of overwetting is the increased drying time that results as the carpet remains wet for too long, during which time the affected area will be rendered inaccessible. This affects normal life at home, and interrupts traffic flow at the workplace, having a negative impact on the productivity of your enterprise. However those inconveniences are just a fraction of the troubles that result. The damp carpet encourages fungi to grow. The mould spores are just floating around in the air, and just need to land on the damp carpet, which contains the nourishment they need- the yarn- to grow. This, added to the warmth, provides a suitable environment for the fungi to thrive. As they break down the fibres to get sustenance, it reduces the structural integrity of the carpet. This ends up increases your costs of repair. There’s also the musky odours that come with fungal growths. They ruin the ambience, which are certainly not conditions you want to live or work in.

The chances of fungal growth increase the longer the carpet remains wet. In fact, just because the fungi is not visible doesn`t mean that it has not already began pitching camp in the fibres. By the time the stains are showing up on the surface, the infestations will have already been widespread. Stains of all sorts of colours can form, depending on the species that has developed on the carpet-like the Acremonium mould that’s often pink, grey, orange or white, the velvet-textured Alternaria that has dark green or brown hairs or the common Penicillin which is distinguished by its velvety texture plus the green or blue coloured surface. The beauty of your carpet is not all that`s on the line. The fungi release spores into the interior air space. These are allergens, that irritate the respiratory system once inhaled. This can result in anything from simply coughing and sneezing to asthma attacks. Those with pre-existing lung conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, or whose immune systems are compromised, are at a higher risk of the effects. Then there are those species of fungi that additionally release mycotoxins, which bring about digestive and heart conditions, immune and blood disorders, pulmonary fibrosis (scarring in the lungs), cancer and even neurotoxicity. Different species of fungi have varying effects, such as Acremonium which causes diseases in the immune system and bone marrow, Aspergillus which produces aflatoxins, deadly carcinogens, to Aureobasidium which leads to infections of the eyes, skin and nails.

When you hire professional carpet cleaning services, you won`t have to worry about overwetting, prolonged drying times, and fungal growths. Only the appropriate amounts of solutions are used, and the extraction system employs high powered vacuums that remove the bulk of the moisture, and the little quantity that remains dries off naturally in 1-3 hours. This also enables normalcy to resume in your establishment fast.

Oversights that ruin the quality of the results
Here, the outcome is usually frustrating. The DIYer spends loads of time, energy and cleaning supplies on the task, only to end up with a carpet that`s in a worse off condition. A simple issue such as rubbing a stained area to remove the spill forces it deeper into the carpet’s fibres, which spreads the stain. Over-shampooing, not rinsing the carpet properly, or using soapy detergents that leave behind residue, increases the rate of resoiling. Basically the residue is a dirt magnet, meaning that you will be forced to redo the carpet cleaning much sooner than had been anticipated. There are also those cases where furniture is restored back onto the carpet before it has dried. The legs of the furniture can cause stains, from rust spots as a result the metal coming into contact with the wet carpet, or the wood dye leaching into the fibres.

Going cheap
In this case, the carpet owner either goes for the products with the lowest price tags, or the companies offering the lowest bids for the carpet cleaning quotations. This means that there have been shortcuts that have been made, which in the long run will cost you more. For instance, with the low-cost products, they may not have the cleaning power needed to adequately tackle the stains, leaving the carpet riddled in spots. When it comes to the rookie cleaning companies, they may not have quality equipment, properly trained personnel, or even insurance coverage. This puts your carpet at risk, and it`s worse when you`re not covered in case of any damages that occur. There have been cases of companies just coming with the resources to remove the surface soiling from the carpet, leaving the rest of the grime that is buried deep in the fibres. Thus it doesn’t really get clean, and you end up spending more to get the job redone by another crew. As they say, “Cheap is expensive”. Hiring professional services is worth the extra penny, since they will get the job done right the first time around, and you can be sure that your carpet will receive the proper care it deserves.

7 Reasons To Turn To The Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

1. Modernised carpet care
You want your carpet to receive a thorough clean, and we have invested in high quality machinery to make that a reality. Take for instance the state of the art hot water extraction machinery that is used. A mixture of heated water is pressurized and pumped into the carpet, dislodging the dirt and grime that has adhered to the fibres. An additional scrubbing to work it into the material follows, using counter-rotating brushes. This further loosens up the soiling, and separates the gunk from the carpet material. It also pulls up unwanted fibres such as hair and strings that are in the carpet. A dwelling time can be allowed depending on the level of soiling, enabling the various cleaning agents to carry out their intended function. The contents are then flushed out to the surface, and high powered vacuum systems suck out the mixture of grime and cleaning agents from the carpet. Pet fur and dander, food crumbs, soiling tracked into the building under peoples shoes, wax, faecal residue from insects, skin flakes and dust mites, pests like fleas that may have being brought into the carpet by your pet, ketchup smudges, greasy spots from spilled fast foods- they are all washed off the carpet The cleaning agents themselves easily dissolve the stubborn stains, bringing back the elegance to your carpet. Tea stains, coffee, juice, wine spills, blood spots, vomit, urine stains- they are all got rid of, taking away the distortions to your carpets colouration. Odour neutralizers are also used, that render the smells inert at a molecular level. This, in addition to the thorough cleaning that removes the source of the smell, leaves the carpet fresh and vibrant. You can also choose to have fragranced products being used, that leave behind invigorating scents.

2. Fast delivery
High highly effective machines used ensure that the cleaning is carried out fast, without compromising the quality of the results. A highly skilled crew ensures that nothing is amiss, and the fast delivery reduces the interruptions in your establishment, enabling normal life and operations to resume in moments. In addition, since the carpet is left just slightly damp to the touch it will be ready to use in under 3 hours, which can be further sped up by ensuring that there is proper ventilation in the interior air space.

3. Increased health and hygiene standards
The soiled carpet is a germ haven. It can carry bacteria, viruses, parasites and pests. The typical indoor carpet clocks about 200,000 bacteria per square inch. They are from the food particles dropped, faecal residue of dust mites, insects and even rodents, those pathogens tracked in from other areas like the park outside, clubs, gyms and even public toilets, those carried by your pet from its escapades out in the yard, to the strains that are coughed and sneezed into the air space by persons who are ill, eventually settling down onto the carpet. They can cause illnesses that result in body discomfort or land you in hospital. Take for instance the common Escherichia Coli (E. coli). It is deposited onto the carpet by pets, or splashed out from the toilet where one forgot to close the toilet door and the particles remain suspended in the air and wafted around the house, gradually landing on the warm carpet fibres. In case your cat or dog has defecated on the carpet, there there’ll definitely be E. coli from the gunk. This pathogen is a leading cause of diarrhoea and urinary tract infections. Campylobacter is rampant during those winter months, where the soil getting tracked into the building has increased moisture levels. It causes campylobacteriosis, which is especially dangerous to children, the elderly, and persons who have compromised immune systems. Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph), on the other hand, is spread onto the carpet through cases such as mucous from sneezing, dirty fingernails and hands, and also blood. It gets into the body though cuts on the skin. There can also be superbugs, such as the infamous Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is usually brought home from locker rooms and gyms, easily getting into the body as people walk barefoot on the cosy carpet. Salmonella can wind up on the carpet from spillage of contaminated food, being tracked in from the outdoors, or ferried by pets. It cases abdominal cramping, fever and diarrhoea. The kids, who enjoy playing around on the carpet, are at a higher risk of infection. There can even be Enterococci, which causes such as bacterial endocarditis, diverticulitis, urinary tract infections, and meningitis. When its flu season, the risks of infections increase with all those people coughing and sneezing, and the carpet providing warm and conditions for the pathogens to remain potent. Some can survive for long, like the case of the Norwalk Virus, which can stay for close to close to a month on the carpet, and still cause infection when it gets into the body system. You don`t want to live surrounded by the gems, or risk an infection spreading through your workforce. From the discomfort when a person is ill and the medical bills when dealing with affected family members, to the lost man-hours at the workplace and negative reviews from customers who pick up infections your business premises- you don`t want to be constantly worried about this. As such, bactericidal and virucidal carpet cleaning products are used, which ensure that it is sanitised as part of the carpet care process. The formulations used have proven efficacy, having been taken through stringent testing by independent bodies to ascertain their effectiveness in destroying the colonies of pathogens in carpets. There are numerous reagents available, and our personnel apply the product that is tough on the dirt and germs, but safe for the specific type of carpet in your establishment.

4. Take the load off your back
DIY carpet cleaning is strenuous. First, there’s the amount of time that goes into finding the appropriate products and systems that are suitable to handle the particular soiling in your specific type of carpet. Make the wrong choice and you could end up with stains not coming off at best, or discolouring, corroding and delaminating the carpet at worst, which is not what you`re aiming for. Then there’s getting the equipment, from having to locate dealerships, to waiting in line for your turn to lease the machinery. This is actually assuming that the machines are in good condition, otherwise you will end up running your carpet. Going for gear that has reduced power means you’ll be less likely to achieve a deep clean, forcing you to spend extra time on the process, or redo it all after you’re done. Then comes dealing with the actual cleaning. Preparing the cleaning solutions, with the ratios involved, setting up the equipment and tuning it to deliver the required pressures and temperature for the process, all through to moving it around on the carpet. For instance, the hot water extraction equipment is heavy, and it will take plenty elbow grease to work on the entire carpet. When the extraction system has low vacuum power, residue ends up being left behind in the carpet, which means it will get soiled faster. Add to this the numerous risks that come with the DIY process, from over-shampooing which leads to frustrating outcomes, to overwetting, which puts the structural integrity of the carpet itself at risk. All this while you were meant to spend your weekends relaxing, taking the edge off after a busy week at work. For commercial establishments, delays and mishaps with the carpet cleaning affect your operations and hamper productivity. That’s not how you want things to go. Avoid all this stress by letting the professional carpet cleaning company handle the task for you.

5. Eco friendly processes
One of the key concerns that homes and business owners have is the use of harsh chemicals when the cleaning is being carried out. These are agents that release toxic fumes, to those whose run off can end up polluting water bodies. Over the years, the carpet cleaning industry has shifted towards the use of environmentally friendly solutions, that deliver the same cleaning power, without the harmful residue. Our team employs products that have passed EU regulations on biodegradability and environmental sustainability. The processes used get rid of the dust, dirt and debris that’s within the carpet, without posing risks to the persons living in the residential premises, or working in your business area. In addition to preserving the indoor air quality, this green cleaning enables you to reduce your carbon footprint. Even the waste disposal is carried out using appropriate means, from getting rid of the gunk that has been washed off the carpet, to the used up cleaning products themselves.

6. Your property is protected
Industry best practices dictate that the customer is covered in case of any accidents. Hence, any professional carpet cleaning company worth its salt needs to be licenced and insured. The premiums are to protect your carpet, the machinery used, and the personnel themselves while on your establishment. That way, you won`t be faced with liabilities in case things get out of hand- not that they will, since using a highly skilled and experienced team drastically reduces the chances of that happening. Still, it doesn’t hurt knowing that you are covered. As such, our carpet cleaning company adheres to these standards, from the licensing to the insurance, which is proof of the professionalism with which we carry out our operations.

7. Priced to suit your needs
Every carpet cleaning situation is unique. First the materials themselves are different- from the carpeting with natural fibres to those with synthetic material, the stains come from all sorts of sources- food and drink spills, urine stains, ink blots, blood spots and the like, and there are varying levels of soiling. A carpet that has accumulated dirt for years requires more intensive and powerful cleaning measures compared to one that is attended to regularly. Even carpet sizes vary from one establishment to the next. These factors are taken into account when setting the quotation for your particular carpet cleaning needs. There are no blanket costs, and you get a price that is tailored to your particular situation. The costs themselves are affordable, allowing you to get quality results without budgetary strains. You won`t have to worry about hidden charges cropping up as our team carries out the cleaning. A complete breakdown is provided, detailing the various aspects of the process beforehand. Our friendly customer care staff are always on the ready to address any concerns or queries that you may have.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin

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