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House Cleaning Dublin – Local House Cleaners Dublin

Rombis Cleaning

House Cleaning Dublin – Local House Cleaners Dublin


Cleaning your house is unavoidable no matter how much you may dislike it. As humans, we create dirt and dust everyday, to make sure this does not have a negative impact on our health regular house cleaning must be done. If you allow dirt and dust to build up in your home you will create a perfect environment for harmful bacteria and allergens to accumulate which could cause illness, infections and allergies.

So, house cleaning is one of life’s constants, it will always need to be done, we’ve established that. For quick and efficient house cleaning you will need a couple of cleaning essentials. You should have a variety of microfibre cloths for wiping down surfaces and dusting, a good quality anti bacterial surface cleaner, furniture polish, a good quality glass and mirror cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, floor cleaner, a hoover and a bucket and mop. Some people opt for multi purpose cleaners but while these products win points for convenience they are often lacking in cleaning power. Specific cleaners are designed for specific cleaning jobs and will do what they are supposed to do and do it well which will usually cut down on the amount of labour required and give you better cleaning results.

How often should you clean your house?

Certain house cleaning jobs will need to be done everyday. The frequency with which you will need to give your house a full clean will depend upon use and traffic. If you have children you will need to give your house a good dusting, hoovering and give your bathrooms a deep clean at least once per week. In a busy household you will often find you need to do most of your daily cleaning in the kitchen. Having to prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners means there will always be cleaning to do in the kitchen, you will be washing dishes a couple of times a day and constantly wiping down surfaces to ensure no bacteria build ups when preparing and serving food.

If you have carpets, you should hoover every day if you have children and at least twice a week in lower traffic households. Carpets can be the perfect breeding ground for dirt and bacteria so regular hoovering is essential to keep your carpet clean and dust free. If you have children and/or pets you should also keep a stain removal product in your cleaning essentials cupboard. This will ensure that any accidents and spillages can be quickly removed to avoid permanent staining on carpeted surfaces.

In high traffic household floors may need to be washed every day. Children can bring in a lot of dirt on their shoes so it is a good idea to wash your floors daily. In lower traffic households you may only need to wash floors once or twice per week. If you have wood floors a wood specific floor cleaner used with a spray mop is a great option, it will allow quick and easy floor cleaning without causing any damage to your floors. Do not use harsh chemical cleaning products to clean your wood floors as this will cause damage and discolouration over time.

Dusting of surfaces should be done at least once per week. Window cleaning is not something which needs to be done daily or weekly unless you have little hands putting smudges all over them. Once a month or every other month should be sufficient. Oven cleaning is not something that needs to be done weekly, again it will depend upon usage, some people might need to clean their oven only once per year but if your oven gets a LOT of use then you should probably give it an intense clean every 2 months. Grease and carbon deposits can cause your oven to become smoky, less efficient and alter the taste of your food.

House cleaning needn’t become an enormous chore, if you do not allow dirt and dust to build up then it will not be hugely time consuming. Cleaning as you go is a good idea clean everything, the bath, toilet, shower etc. after you use them rather than once per week, a quick 20 second spray and

wipe operation will keep them clean and fresh everyday. If dirt has not been allowed to build up it will cut the cleaning time in half. If you get into a routine of regular cleaning, a little but often, your house will be clean and it will be one less thing to stress about.

If you can only barely manage to stay on top of the daily house cleaning and do not have the time or energy at the end of a busy week to fit in bathroom cleaning, dusting and hoovering then you could consider hiring a professional house cleaner for a couple of hours. There are many house cleaning companies who offer cleaning services on a regular or once off basis so there is no need for you to stress about the house cleaning. You could have a regular cleaner doing all your dusting and hoovering once per week or you could opt for a more intense “deep clean” once or twice per year.

Deep cleaning my house, where do I start?

Gather everything you will need, all your cleaning products and equipment, cloths, cleaning products, hoover, bucket & mop. As a rule, you should start by pre-spraying the grimiest areas i.e. the bathrooms and kitchen. Spray cleaning products onto the bath, toilet, shower, sink, tiling, walls, doors etc. and in the kitchen the oven, fridge, inside presses, doors, handles etc. (By allowing these products time to activate it will lessen your workload, the active ingredients in the products will do most of the work removing the dirt, after 20-30 mins you should have an easy job of wiping and rinsing). You can then proceed to clean the rest of the house. Rather than doing one room at the time, do one job at a time. Dusting – start from the top to the bottom, that applies to the house and to the room. So, start upstairs and dust from the highest point in the room downwards as dust will fall and settle, so it you start at the bottom and work your way up you will pretty much just be wasting your time as the dust from the top shelves will settle onto the bottom after you have cleaned them, so from the top down. Clean any glass, mirrors and windows. Next clean all surfaces that you have pre-sprayed, hoover, wash floors. Job done. It is not as hard as you think. If you work efficiently you will have your house sparkling clean in no time.

If this seems like a monumental task that you just cannot face call a professional house cleaning company and in a few short hours you will have a clean, fresh house while you spend your time doing something you really enjoy.

House Cleaning Dublin

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