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Floor Cleaning Dublin – Hire Local Floor Cleaners

Rombis Cleaning

Floor Cleaning Dublin – Hire Local Floor Cleaners


There are many different types of floors and many different floor cleaning techniques, what is good for one floor type may cause damage to another. Some floor types are easier and cheaper to clean and maintain than others, so which is the best for your home? Choosing the perfect floor needs more careful consideration than you might think, obviously your taste will largely affect your decision but you should also factor in the type of floor cleaning, care and maintenance which a floor will need and if you have the time and money to do it properly. For instance, you may love marble and may be considering having marble tiles fitted but can you afford the aftercare? You love carpets, they are warm and cosy and will bring a comfortable feeling to your home, you have 4 young children which usually means a lot of accidental spillages, muddy shoes etc. are carpets really the best idea for your home?

Lets take a look at the floor cleaning and maintenance required for the different types of floors:-

Wood floorswood floors are stylish and timeless, they can withstand high traffic and are quite easy to clean and maintain. If properly cared for wood floors can last for generations. Wood floors are a great idea for families with children as wood floor cleaning is quick and easy. Wood floors can suffer damage but the good news is solid wood floors can be completely refinished i.e. sanded and varnished and they will look like new. Wood floor cleaning is pretty simple, just remember that wood floors need gentle care and there are just a few points to remember to keep them looking great:-

Dust mop or hoover daily to remove dirt, dust and debris.

Avoid wearing heels on wood floors.

Keep pet nails short to avoid scratching.

Use protectors on furniture to avoid scratching.

Avoid harsh chemicals and oversaturation with water as this will cause damage and discolouration.

Use wood specific floor cleaning products which will clean and enhance the wood.

Have your floor polished as this will protect the wood, the frequency of polishing will depend on traffic, a good floor cleaning company will be able to properly advise you on this.

Most wood floor manufacturers would recommend that you use a wood specific floor cleaning product when cleaning your wood floors from high quality brands such as Bona or Junckers. Wood floors can be damaged and/or discoloured if strong chemicals and too much water are used for floor cleaning so by using a wood specific floor cleaning product you are cutting out the risk of causing damage to your floors. Spray mops are great for wood floor cleaning and make the process of cleaning and caring for your wood floors quick and easy. To clean your wood floors start by hoovering or dust mopping to remove dirt and dust. If using a bucket and mop make sure the mop is well wrung before using. Otherwise use a spray mop and your wood floors will be clean and shiny in next to no time.

Amtico Floors

Amtico floors are another great option, they are durable, easy to clean and can withstand traffic, spillages etc. Amtico floors can create a very unique look for your home as they can imitate any type of floor in any design or colour you wish. The best thing about Amtico floors is the easy floor cleaning and maintenance, unlike natural floors they will not need regular buffing, polishing or refinishing. The floor cleaning care and maintenance guide for amtico floors is similar to that of wood floors. Make sure you protect the floors by using furniture floor protectors. Remove dirt and debris by hoovering or dust mopping daily. Use a floor cleaning product designed specifically for Amtico floors for daily floor cleaning to keep your floors looking great. At least once per year do a more intense floor

cleaning using Amtico products. Follow the instructions carefully for best results or hire a professional floor cleaning company if you are not sure how to properly strip and clean your amtico floor.


Carpets are warm and cosy and with so many colours, designs and patterns to choose from you can create a very unique look for your home. The downside to having carpets is that they can stain easily. Carpets need to be hoovered regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt, dust and bacteria. Carpets should be hoovered daily in high traffic households. Stain removal products from high quality brands such as Craftex are a good idea for quick and easy removal of accidental stains and spillages. Most carpet manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning at least once per year, this is a job best left to the professionals as they have the products and equipment to make sure it is done properly and will not cause any damage to the carpets. A professional carpet cleaning company can remove deep down dirt and stains from your carpets but do bear in mind that stains which have been left untreated for long periods of time may be untreatable, certain stains can also permanently discolour carpets and a professional carpet cleaning will not remove them. Even if your carpets are not stained there will be dirt in the fibres which is not clearly visible so cleaning is still advisable. Carpets are cosy but once permanently stained they will need to be removed and replaced.

Marble Floors (including Terrazzo & travertine)

Marble floors are no doubt beautiful but can be difficult to keep clean and shiny, marble floor cleaning can definitely be tricky. Marble is a natural stone, it will last for generations and look great if properly maintained but it is a porous stone so can stain very easily. Stains can only be removed by polishing and this polishing should really only be done by a professional floor cleaning company to avoid causing damage to the stone. Marble floor cleaning and maintenance is expensive so do bear this in mind before you decide to have it fitted in your home. Marble should be sealed after fitting to offer some protection against spillages. Spills will not penetrate as quickly on a sealed floor so you will have a bit of time to wipe up a spill before it becomes a stain. Marble floor cleaning should be done with a clean well wrung mop and a ph neutral stone cleaning product, it should then be buffed dry with a clean cloth. Alternatively for marble floor cleaning you could use a spray mop such as Bona Spray Mop with their Tile, Stone & Laminate cleaner for quick and easy floor cleaning.

Tile floor cleaning

Tile floor cleaning is very easy. Tiles are durable and will not be easily damaged like natural wood and stone. Spills and stains can easily be wiped away without causing staining. Tiles can be washed with a tile specific floor cleaning product or a multi purpose floor cleaning detergent. Simple hoover or sweep your floors a couple of times a week to remove dirt and debris. Mix your floor cleaning product with warm water and using a clean mop wash your floors. If the grout is very dirty and your floors are looking dull after floor cleaning you could call a professional floor cleaning company who will have your tiled floors looking like new again in no time.

Laminate floor cleaning

Laminate floors are a popular choice as they are cheap and easy to fit, the downside is that they can scratch and damage easily and once these floors are damaged they cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced. Laminates cannot be sanded and refinished like natural wood. The good news is they can be easily cleaned. Avoid using water when cleaning laminates as it can cause irreparable damage. Laminate floor cleaning is best done with a microfibre pad or spray mop. Bona’s Tile, Stone &

Laminate floor cleaner is perfect for quick, easy and safe laminate floor cleaning. Spray the product directly onto the floor and wipe away to remove dirt and stains without causing damage.

Whatever floor type you choose for your home be sure to educate yourself about the correct floor cleaning techniques to ensure you are cleaning your floors properly, not causing any damage and to prolong the life of your floor. If you are ever in doubt about floor cleaning contact the manufacturer or a reputable floor cleaning company who can give you sound advice about which products are best for your floor cleaning needs.


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