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House Cleaning Dublin – Best House Cleaning Products

Rombis Cleaning

House Cleaning Dublin – Best House Cleaning Products

Best House Cleaning Products

Everyone buys house cleaning products, they are essentials that you just cannot do without. With so many different brands and house cleaning products on the market it can be very difficult to find the best value, best performing house cleaning products which work efficiently while being kind to your home and the environment. Where do you start? Well you could start here. We will list some the of the best house cleaning products from the most reputable brands. These house cleaning products have been tried and tested and are highly rated by consumers all over the world.

There is a cleaning product for every house cleaning job, these are some of the stand out products, recommended by consumers for doing exactly what they are supposed to and doing it very well:-

Best for Wood Floor Cleaning:-

The most highly rated brand for wood floor cleaning is Bona. Bona is a well known brand worldwide and is used in over 70 countries. Bona produce wood specific cleaning products and are without doubt the market leaders in this field. Bona clearly know and love wood floors and this is reflected in the quality of their cleaning products. Two of their products have become customer favourites and with good reason. One of their best-sellers is the Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop. An easy to use spray mop which comes with a refillable cartridge of Bona’s award winning Wood Floor Cleaner this product will make cleaning your wood floors quick and easy. Simply spray and wipe, no bucket no mop, no water, no damage! Everything your wood floor needs to stay clean, shiny and looking great.

Bona Cleaner is another best selling wood floor cleaning product. This floor cleaning product needs to be diluted in warm water to a ratio of 1-100, use with a well wrung mop for excellent results every time.

Bona’s products are Greenguard certified which means they are not only great for wood floor cleaning but are also safer for your home and kinder to the environment. Bona = best for wood floor cleaning.

Best for Carpet Stains

The best product for removing stains and accidental spillages from your carpets is Craftex Spot and Stain Remover. Craftex is a brand of professional quality carpet cleaning products. You will not find these products in your local shop or supermarket unfortunately so you may need to source them online. This product is definitely worth it however and you should invest in it if you have carpets. Having this carpet cleaning product in your cupboard will mean you can remove stains quickly before they permanently discolour the carpet. Craftex = best for carpet stains.

Best for Surface Cleaning

A multi purpose cleaner is ideal for daily surface cleaning. Multi purpose cleaners can be used on a variety of different hard surfaces and will allow you to clean quickly, easily and efficiently. Some multi purpose cleaners have antibacterial qualities if you want the added peace of mind that bacteria has been neutralised upon cleaning. Flash is a well known brand and their multi purpose cleaner is one of the best on the market and the good news is it can be bought from your local supermarket. It will remove dirt and grime with ease from most hard surfaces. Flash = best for daily hard surface cleaning.

Best for Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected so it is a good idea to choose a good

quality anti-bacterial cleaner which will remove dirt, grime and soap scum as well as destroying all infection causing germs and bacteria. By using the right cleaning products to clean your bathroom properly you will prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and have a sparkling clean bathroom which will be a pleasure to use. It can be difficult to find one cleaning product to properly clean all bathroom surfaces. It will really depend upon how often the bathroom is cleaned and whether grime and limescale has been allowed to build up. If you regularly clean your bathroom then a multi purpose cleaner such as the highly rated CIF Power & Shine Bathroom will do the job, CIF’s strong cleaning power will remove soap scum and limescale to leave clean, streak free bathroom surfaces.

Best for polishing furniture

When you want to remove dust, stains and smudges from your furniture ESP Multi Surface Polish from Evans is a great choice. This is a professional quality polish which leaves a long lasting shine and a fresh lemon fragrance on most hard surfaces. Available to purchase online. If you want a cleaning product which you can buy in your local supermarket then the best rated brand for furniture polish is Pledge, Pledge offer a multi surface product or a wood polish and both are highly rated by consumers. Evans + Pledge = best for polishing

Best for Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning is a tough job so tough cleaning products with strong chemical power will be needed. If your oven is incredibly dirty you might consider hiring a professional oven cleaning company as the stronger the chemicals are the more dangerous they can be if not handled and used properly. The most highly rated cleaning product for domestic oven cleaning is the Oven Brite Cleaning Kit. This powerful cleaning product cuts through grease and burnt on deposits with ease. Makes oven cleaning easier. Always follow the safety guidelines. Oven Brite = best for domestic oven cleaning.

Best for Window Cleaning

The best thing you can buy for window cleaning is a good squeegee & washer and use with a solution of washing up liquid and warm water. Unger’s window cleaning tools are the most highly rated worldwide, they are durable and super efficient. You can find and buy Unger products online. Window cleaning products usually aren’t very effective and often leave streaks, this method gets clean streak free results every time. Unger = best for window cleaning.

Those are some of the best selling and best performing cleaning products for a variety of house cleaning tasks. Obviously there are thousands of brands and products available each promising excellent cleaning power and results, not all fulfil these promises. Cleaning products are constantly being improved upon as companies and people are becoming more environmentally conscious and more knowledgeable about the dangers of chemical exposure in the home.

Do exercise caution when purchasing cleaning products, cheap cleaning products may seem like a good idea but they could contain high levels of toxic chemicals which can be harmful to the health of your family and to the environment. Stick with well known, reputable brands who strive to offer high quality products with low emissions to safeguard the health of your family and the environment.

Best house cleaning products

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