Cleaning Company Dublin - Eco Cleaning Services Dublin
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Cleaning Company Dublin – Eco Cleaning Services Dublin

Rombis Cleaning

Cleaning Company Dublin – Eco Cleaning Services Dublin

Cleaning Company Dublin – Eco Cleaning Services Dublin


Over the past few years the cleaning industry has changed dramatically. A new range of much more efficient cleaning products have emerged as an answer to demand. It may have gone unnoticed by alot of people but the cleaning industry today is not the same as it was 10 years back. So what is the big change?


As people became more health and environmentally conscious there was growing demand for organic cleaning products. People wanted to replace harsh chemicals with eco-friendly gentle cleaning products. The only issue with the organic cleaning products at that time was that the quality wasn`t there, they were not very effective. The prices were too high and the results were less than satisfactory. A customer wanting to use 100% organic cleaning products was not seeing great results and was then reverting to chemical products.


Rather than 100% organic the cleaning products industry moved more towards “eco” products. Not 100 % organic but with lower levels of chemicals and more natural ingredients.This seemed to keep customers happy, effective cleaning products which were more environmentally friendly and not as harsh as their chemical counterparts.


Due to the improvement in eco friendly cleaning products Rombis Cleaning has become a green cleaning company. We want our customers to feel safe when they deal with us but we also want decent cleaning results. By using the Cleanfast range of cleaning products – 100% made in Ireland, we can do just that.


Here is the most popular cleaning products used by our company on a daily basis:


Cleanfast Carpet Cleaning Shampoo PH 13 – a proper carpet cleaning shampoo for very dirty carpets and sofas. It breaks dirt instantly and it leaves the surface odour free.


Cleanfast Shift Degreaser – probably the most powerful kitchen cleaner and kitchen degreaser available in Ireland. A proper heavy duty floor cleaning degreaser, oven cleaner and general hard surface cleaner.


Cleanfast Thick Bleach – unique cleaning solution suitable for deep cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms. Much more powerful than standard grocery shop bleaches. Acts fast and lasts longer due to higher dilution ratio.


Cleanfast Clean & Fresh Multi Surface Cleaner – a powerful & highly concentrated hard surface cleaner with a pleasant perfume. Suitable to use on walls, floors, hard surfaces, etc. Cleans and disinfects in one go. PH 12. Dilution ratio 1 to 150


Cleanfast Bathroom Shine – outstanding bathroom cleaner and bathroom maintainer. Breaks limescale and body fats instantly. Highly concentrated and very cost effective.


Cleanfast Window Cleaner – powerful alcohol based window & glass cleaner. Breaks dirt and fat on impact and it evaporates in seconds. Highly recommended for porcelain tiles or any type of highly polished surfaces.


Cleanfast Con Clean General Acid – amazing toilet descaler and general exterior cleaner. 1 drop of Con Clean inside your toilet and limescale evaporates. It reduces the amount of scrubbing needed to achieve great results by 90%.


Have your home or business deep cleaned by Rombis Cleaning. Enjoy premium cleaning services for very affordable prices. Book our cleaning services online.


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