House Cleaning Stillorgan - House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning
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House Cleaning Stillorgan

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Stillorgan

House Cleaning Stillorgan


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House Cleaning Stillorgan – Professional Service


When you book a local house cleaning company you would expect that a professional team of cleaners will deal with your project. In many cases this is not the case. When you book Rombis Cleaning you can be sure that you will book a team of highly skilled house cleaners with over 10 experience, a team that uses the latest cleaning technology and proper eco cleaning products. We are also fully insured for added peace of mind.


House Cleaning Stillorgan – Costs


What is a fair price for house cleaning services? What is a good price for deep apartment cleaning services? It all depends on what you expect to receive and the condition of your property. Rombis Cleaning provides clear standard prices that will cover pretty much the whole property. 1 bed house – deep clean + cooker will cost around 150 euro. If you want carpet shampooing, you can go for a full package of 180 euro. If there is rubbish to be removed or if the property is in very bad condition, the price will go higher. Either way, we will provide you with a full price before starting the work. Commercial and industrial cleaning project will be priced after site visits.


House Cleaning Stillorgan – Time Scale & Payments


How long will it take, how can we pay for the work and how many cleaners are three of the most frequently asked questions. The number of house cleaners allocated to a job can vary from 1 to 5. For a small 1 bed flat, there is no need to use more than 1 cleaner. For a 5 bed house, we will use 3 cleaners and so on. We accept credit/debit cards, cheques, cash or EFT. All our projects require payment on the day.


Rombis Cleaning deals with all types of domestic and commercial customers. We provide house cleaning and apartment cleaning services to landlords, tenants, estate agents and management companies. Our amazing carpet cleaning services and window cleaning services are highly popular with the domestic market. Book our cleaning services online right now!


House Cleaning Stillorgan

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