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House Cleaning Clonee

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Clonee

House Cleaning Clonee


Why not book your local house cleaning company right now and have your home cleaned for much less than you expect? Rombis Cleaning specialise in deep cleaning services. We are happy to contract all types of domestic and commercial once off cleaning services.


Our cleaning services:


House cleaning company Clonee

Apartment cleaning company Clonee

End of tenancy cleaning service Clonee

Once off cleaning service Clonee

Carpet cleaning services Clonee

Floor cleaning company Clonee

Sofa cleaning services Clonee

Upholstery cleaning services Clonee

Office cleaning services Clonee

Industrial cleaning services Clonee

Window cleaning services Clonee



House Cleaning Clonee – Insurance


Your local house cleaning company, Rombis Cleaning, is fully insured and highly recommended. Our comprehensive insurance will cover any damages up to 13 million if the worst ever happens. We want you fully secured for as long as we are in your home.


House Cleaning Clonee – Domestic & Commercial


Rombis Cleaning specialise in deep and light cleaning services. We are happy to contract commercial cleaning services and domestic cleaning services. Our cleaners are fully trained to deal with small apartments or house cleaning services and also with big commercial cleans. We are happy to provide free no obligation estimates.


House Cleaning Clonee – Prices


All our customers are dealing with us because we provide a great balance between affordable costs and premium quality. Hire a very cheap cleaning company and you will understand what we are talking about. Most cleaning companies are in business to make money. If your local cleaning company is charging too little, run. To be able to charge half the going rate, they have to cut corners. The first thing they dont have, is insurance. Then they use toxic cleaning products and cheap equipment. All that will end up costing you more. Rombis Cleaning will provide you with a fair quote for your cleaning project. Our minimum order for carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, window cleaning and sofa cleaning starts from only 50 euro. House cleaning and apartment cleaning starts from 130 euro per project. For commercial cleaning estimates a site visit is required.


House Cleaning Clonee – Opening times


We understand that emergency cleans have to be done or some people might require cleaning services at unusual times. This is the reason that we are flexible and can change our opening times to adapt to any special requirements. If you are looking for an appointment overnight or over weekend, please book in good time. Availability is limited.


Book our professional cleaning services right now. Have your home or business cleaned by Rombis Cleaning. Enjoy green cleaning services and reasonable rates!


House Cleaning Clonee

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