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Maintaining A Clean Learning Environment

Maintaining A Clean Learning Environment

Maintaining A Clean Learning Environment

Maintaining A Clean Learning Environment

Skipping out on a comprehensive school cleaning program will wreak havoc in the institution. Being a high traffic establishment, lots of activity going on, students, teaching and non-teaching staff involved, plus the visitors accessing the premises, a stringent cleaning program is needed to ensure that have a conducive environment for the activities that are taking place in the institution. The health of the person in the facility, the performance of the students and productivity of the overall learning process- they are all on the line. Grime that distracts the learners, conditions that lower the morale of teachers, cases of absenteeism caused by infections contracted within the facility- you want to avoid these. 

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

The school cleaning process is not limited to the visible soiling and grime. After getting rid of the stains, greasy residual and other gunk that is on the surfaces, there are still the pathogens lurking around. This is especially for those frequently touched surfaces- the likes of doorknobs, tables, light switches and shared equipment like the computer workstations. These regions need particular attention, and disinfecting products are also used as part of the process. 

Proper waste disposal

A waste disposal policy is needed. This ranges from the equipment being used- bins to bin liners, segregation of the material, e.g. separating paper waste from food material and electronic waste, ensuring that the appropriate safety gear is used when handling the waste- to avoid contamination or injury when emptying the bins- they all come into focus. 

Get the kids involved

When everyone is on board, the cleaning program will be successful. While kids are going to be kids- bound to make a mess, getting them in on the cleaning program will go all long way in instituting order within the premises. For instance, you can make a game out of putting the chairs and tables away after the cleaning, and picking up items that have been dropped onto the floor. For the teens, it will be basically like telling them to clean their room- which may start off as a challenge, but throwing in some creativity- like having a reward system in place, will get them to embrace it. After all, the learning process should be holistic. Books are not the only part of the education system. Cleanliness, order and discipline all come in when bringing up the children to be the game-changers of tomorrow. 

Deep Cleaning During School Breaks

Summer and spring breaks are a great time to have the heavy-duty school cleaning done. Here, aspects like HVAC units can be attended to, in order to ensure that they run properly and prevent pathogens and allergens from being blown all over the school. The restrooms, food equipment, cafeterias, gyms and locker rooms- they can all benefit from a top-to-bottom clean. Even though many of these areas are worked on regularly when the school is in session, the holidays give you the opportunity for getting a thorough job done, assessing the condition of the installation and equipment, and you even get to carry out the repairs and maintenance before the kids report back from their break. 

Maintaining A Clean Learning Environment

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    Most schools do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance

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