Why House Cleaning Costs Vary - House Cleaning Dublin
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Why House Cleaning Costs Vary

Why House Cleaning Costs Vary

Why House Cleaning Costs Vary

Why House Cleaning Costs Vary

Every home is different. Cleaning costs change based on the particular services required. Common factors that come into play include:


  • The location and size of the house


Where do you live? Is it a condo in the heart of the city, a bungalow just at the outskirts, or a mansion out in the countryside? Is it a log cabin out in the woods that doubles up as an AirBnB, or are you managing a block of flats for a real estate company, and need the units all cleaned and freshened up in readiness for an open house? The cost difference comes in based on how easy it will be to access the premises. With the size, the square footage of the home, the rooms being covered and installations being worked on- they are all considered when setting the final price. 


  • The scheduled sessions


This looks at the particular frequency with which you want the house cleaning to be carried out. It is a once-off deep cleaning, or do you want to sign up for routine sessions? There are cleaning companies whose pricing structure has a flat fee for specific services, while others take a pay-per-hour approach. Others combine the two, having a set fee for certain services, and an hourly rate for additional tasks. Usually, when getting a contract for routine sessions- like weekly or biweekly house cleaning, you end up spending less per visit. There are even companies that give special offers and massive discounts when you sign up recurring services that span over a longer duration- say 6 months or a year.


  • Services being offered


At a basic level, services produced include dusting, vacuuming, tidying up the house, working on bathroom surfaces including the bathtub and toilet, floor cleaning, and scrubbing kitchen surfaces, including the countertop and sink. Tasks like oven cleaning, working on the refrigerator and window washing tend to be more labour intensive, but are also regularly provided. Others that require specialised equipment and additional staff- hence additional fees, include carpet cleaning, polishing and maintenance of surfaces, power washing the house exteriors, and special situations such as cleaning up after events held at your home. 


  • Extra features


Do you have pets in the house? Do you want to give your garage a facelift? Perhaps its surfaces, from the floors to the windows, are covered in greasy deposits, there are cobwebs on the ceiling corners and dust bunnies on the garage windows-making it an eyesore. Is the sofa and upholstery cleaning to be included as well? These all have a bearing on the final price that the services will cost. 

Get Tailored House Cleaning Services

With such varying factors, don’t expect to receive the same quotation as your relative, friend or neighbour. The particular features and quirks of your home need to be factored in, hence the recommendation of having a site visit carried out by staff from the cleaning company for you to receive a detailed quotation, and for you stipulate exactly what you need to be done during the cleaning process. 

Why House Cleaning Costs Vary

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