Carpet Cleaning Sandyford l Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions
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Carpet Cleaning Sandyford

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford

Have you ever attempted to deep clean your own carpets? Have you ever used a professional carpet cleaning machine? Or, have you hired a poor quality carpet cleaning company that has charged you a fortune for a poor quality carpet cleaning project? Only after you have done one of the above things will you really appreciate the services provided by Carpet Cleaning Sandyford.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – Easy booking system

If you want to book online our website allows you to do just that. Our prices are clear and you are only asked a few basic questions before booking the project. If you hate the whole online world, no need to panic. You can call us at 1800 848 700. If you have no credit on your phone, no problem. The phone line provided above is 100% free to use. Dont like talking to people? You can text us or whatsapp us without any problems.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – What is carpet cleaning?

Remember when you got your new carpets or when you have just moved into your new property? The carpets were so soft, so fluffy, so clean. But over the past few years the carpet has become a shame for you, there are stains everywhere, there is a bad odour and whatever you do the dust seems to be always there. Well, a carpet cleaning company will restore that initial feeling. They will extract all the dirt from your carpet, they will treat the stains and they will apply some strong odour neutralisers to cancel the bad odours. Your carpets are still in good shape but years of dirt have made it look old and tired. Just call Carpet Cleaning Sandyford and have us deep clean your beloved carpets. We will do all we can to restore the original look of your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – Is carpet cleaning bad for carpets?

No way. Poor quality carpet cleaning services can be bad for your carpets but fortunately for you you are dealing with Carpet Cleaning Sandyford. We use top of the range carpet cleaning technology and heavy duty industrial carpet cleaning shampoos from Cleanfast. Our highly skilled specialists are fully trained, well experienced and very knowledgeable. Find out more about our carpet cleaning system by visiting our website

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford  – How do you know when to wash your carpets?

You need to ask yourself a few basic questions. Has your carpet been ignored over the past few years? Have you noticed spots and stains on your carpets? Has your pet spent a lot of time on your carpet? Does your carpet still look dirty after vacuuming? Can you see a lot of pet hair and residue within the fiber of your carpet? If the answer to all those questions is yes, you need to call Carpet Cleaning Sandyford. Carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once per year to keep them clean, fresh and bacteria free.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford  – What carpet cleaning company is the best option?

Not all cars are the same. Not all foods are the same. Not all skilled tradesmen provide quality services. But if you book Carpet Cleaning Sandyford to deep clean your carpet at least you know that you are dealing with a well established carpet cleaning contractor that is still growing after 13 years of business. You also know that using local contractors is great for the local economy. Our Google reviews speak for the efficiency and friendliness of our carpet cleaning service. You need more? Maybe our top of the range carpet cleaning technology will satisfy your demands? What about our amazing carpet cleaning shampoos and short drying times? You have no reason not to book Carpet Cleaning Sandyford

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford  – Prices

Affordability is essential  but quality is also very important. You can offer the best quality ever but if people cannot afford you, you are out. Well, Carpet Cleaning Sandyford provides a great balance between top of the range carpet cleaning services and reasonable pricing. We have a minimum charge of 50 euro per project to cover our basic prices but from that point you can create whatever package you want and you can start saving. Booking 5+ items will save you 30%. Booking a full 4 bed house + 1 L sofa + 1 mattress & 1 rug can save you 40% on the whole deal. It is actually more expensive to only book 1 room. 1 bedroom only will cost you 50 euro (our minimum charge) but 2 bedrooms will only cost you 60 euro.

We also provide free no obligation estimates for commercial carpet cleaning. Just call us today and tell us what you need done. We will provide you with the best and the most competitive pricing.

1 bedroom house/apartment 100 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment 120 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment 140 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment 160 euro

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – Protectors

If your carpet has alot of traffic than most average places maybe you should consider having your carpets sealed with a carpet protector. A carpet protector will act as a barrier between your carpet and the ongoing traffic. The protector will penetrate your carpet without glazing it and it will stop staining and dust from penetrating as fast. A protector will not provide 100% permanent protection, but if you walk with dirty shoes the carpet will not stain instantly. Same applies for wet spillages. The liquids will be kept at the top of the carpet for a number of minutes before staining it.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford uses Craftex Carpet Protector to seal and protect domestic and commercial carpets. The product has no odour when fully dry and is 100% safe. Safe to use on all types of carpets as well. If your carpets are getting low to medium traffic & if you clean your carpets every year, you don’t really need it. But if your carpets get a lot of use, you should at least consider it.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – Steam carpet cleaning

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning systems use water heated to about 50-60 degrees to clean your carpets. But the way the cleaning solution is injected at high speed it creates the illusion of steam. For the water to become steam it has to be heated at over 100 degrees and that type of temperature would not be recommended to be used on plastic or nylon carpets. It could shrink and melt the carpet. We will use hot water (50C) but we will not steam your carpets for sure. Our amazing carpet cleaning products are great for breaking the dirt apart, disinfecting and neutralising bad odours. The steam is not needed.

Don`t waste your money with cheap and uninsured carpet cleaning contractors. Check out our website and book our professional carpet cleaning services online. We are your local carpet cleaning specialist and we are amazing at what we do

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford 

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